Values and Behaviours


  • We respect each other and treat others with consideration and dignity
  • We have a strong ethos of sharing, consultation and engaging with different perspectives
  • We are comfortable to be ourselves
  • We ensure diversity and inclusion is integral to everything we do
  • We embrace agile working and utilize technology to do so


  • We are bold and have the confidence to try new things, knowing we will be supported
  • We do not blame each other, even in difficult times
  • We actively seek out people who think and work in diverse ways, playing to their strengths
  • We strive for minimal, viable bureaucracy
  • We challenge ourselves to continuously improve
  • We feel a strong responsibility to the wider community in which we operate


  • We have a clear, compelling and shared vision for our future
  • Our physical environment, culture and curriculum push boundaries
  • Individuals are recognised for their contribution
  • We challenge assumptions


  • We develop great internal and external relationships
  • We are a team and value the power of truly working together
  • We are driven by our shared vision; unlimited by geographical, functional or self-interest

With Integrity

  • We are authentic and our behaviours reflect this
  • We act in an ethical way, avoiding conflict of interest and financial or other material benefits to ourselves
  • We are honest, open and truthful
  • We embrace two-way feedback
  • We make sound and considered decisions, using our professional judgment
  • We assume good intent from others in all that we do
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We demonstrate both academic and personal integrity